A powerful online practice test engine believes to be the most powerful practice test and online examination engine which is useful for schools, colleges, universities, academies, tuition centers and even for companies for the recruitment process.

The Concept

The main concept here is to create a robust standalone application that is compatible with all the educational fields to save time spent on evaluation and money spent on stationery and other expenses. That brings you to

Responsive Design & Splendid Interface

We spent months together working on just the user interface and the user experience, mocktest is aimed to be the most responsive and easy to use interface for almost all the recently launched devices.

The whole point of this software is to give the students the ability to practice for the exams whenever they want and wherever they want, All they need is a device with a internet connection.


Save time on evaluation.


Simple and cost efficient.


Practice anytime anywhere.

Salient Features


Give the best

To your Students

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